Guidelines for Play


These are the guidelines to participate in our streams and convoys…

Guidelines of the public Discord and it’s use:

1. This server is for BulletStorm Trucking members and its fans, the use of all text channels and the general chat voice channel are available 24/7 for you to use. The in game talk channels will remain locked until 10 minutes before the stream goes live. And locked again after the stream.
2. No self promotion allowed. Please refrain from posting your discord links or stream links in this server. This included the text channels as well.
3. No mentioning of your stream, or that you are streaming, in the discord. This discord is for the BulletStorm65 Stream, not a place for you to say your follower goals, or anything else about your stream.
4. No streaming on your own channel while connected to this discord server. This means don’t stream and have the general talk channel part of your stream.
5. No posting links to any other streams other than BulletStorm65 streams.
6. No cussing allowed in messages or voice channels. This is a clean, Family friendly channel and stream.
7. Be aware of your background noise. You will be muted if your background noise disrupts the live stream. Only PTT is used in the in game talk channels.
8. Be kind, respectful, and courteous to others in the server.
By connecting to this discord server you are agreeing to these terms. Breaking any of these rules may/will get you suspended or banned from this server.

Guidelines of the convoys:

1. Be respectful of other drivers. Purposfully ramming others will get you banned!
2. Once in line, stay in your position of the convoy. I understand passing may be necessary in some circumstances, but just passing to get to the front, isn’t a reason to pass. When you do need to pass, we follow TruckersMp Rules. Flash your lights, and/or blow horn. I would also recommend asking in Discord if it’s ok to pass.
3. NO ARGUING or Yelling will be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone, you MUST private message @BullertStorm65. Don’t complain about someone publically.
4. Make sure the Time Multiplier line in your speditor config.cfg is set to 0,01. This keeps the load payouts even. Those found to cheat the money in the company on TrucksBook, will be removed from the company roster.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

The rules from TruckersMP are here for your convenience. View TruckersMP Rules