About Bulletstorm65

OK, so you are wondering who is Bulletstorm65….


The name came from me playing Tom Clancy’s The Division. I would shoot at the bad guys with a machine gun, giving them a storm of bullets. Not killing many, usually it was me, that got killed. But the name Bulletstorm came to life.

The 65 comes from…. Yep! you guessed it… my birth year. In 2018, that makes me 53. Probably older than the typical gamer. By the way, I do NOT in any sense of the word, consider myself a “gamer”. I play and enjoy the “Simulation games”. They let me relax, and enjoy the scenery, and the company of the people in the BSG community. Wait, you knew we had a community, right? Well join the Discord and the Forum! What are you waiting for?

The Simulator games I typically play are American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Farming Simulator 17, Flight Sim World, X-Plane 11, Train Simulator 2018.

FPS games I play are Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ghost Recon:Wildlands, and Rainbow Six:Siege. I also play on occasion GTA V.

As far as streaming goes, I have been a Twitch affiliate but I went back to YouTube Gaming exclusively recently. Yea I wish YTG had some of the features of Twitch, but I like the YTG platform better.

I run a clean stream. In other words I don’t like cussing, vulgar talk, talk about drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Why, you ask? Because I don’t! That’s the bottom line. I also don’t allow discussions on Race, Religion, or Politics on my stream. It creates a hostile environment.

Well if you have read this far down the page, you must really want to know me, so I will give you a bit more.

I work for a local government, at a public golf course. I am the mechanic. In the Golf industry, my job title is “Equipment Manager”, my “official” title is “Equipment Mechanic”.  I work on both gas and diesel engines and equipment, but honestly, 85% of my job is keeping the cutting reels sharp. I work on Toro, Jacobson, Ford, New Holland, John Deere, Club Car, Stihl, and Kubota equipment. I have been at the Golf Course since 1996. So that’s 22 years currently, in 2018.

I used to have other hobbies, before the gaming bug stung me. I used to make strummers, Strumsticks, or what I called a Strumitar. It’s a hand made stringed musical instrument, much like a guitar but with 3 or 4 strings. I also made cigar box guitars. I was also a computer programmer, writing programs in Visual Basic, and other languages including, J++, ANSI-C, Java, Swift, and Delphi. I started writing software in 1985, first on the Commodore 64.

The bottom line is, I am an old guy playing simulation games, just because it’s fun. I didn’t play many games when I was younger, because I was too busy programming. So now the gaming bug has bit me, and I’m hooked.