Review of the simu shift knob

This is my review of the Simu Replacement shift knob that allows you to shift 18 gears in your driving games.

  • First, this shift knob cost $100! That less than most all the other knobs available.
  • This knob came to my door in 3 days! No waiting months!
  • It was easy to install on the Logitech driving force shifter. Just 2 set screws!
  • It has stood up to a years worth of pushing the switches!

So there are a couple of things….

It’s not a Eaton Fuller look alike knob, nor does it have gear pattern medallions for it.

When you drop off or pick up a load, you are exiting the “driving” screen and when you return you are in neutral and your switches become “confused”. In other words if you were in high speed, the switch stays in high but when you return you are in low. So you have to manually change the switch back to low. Same with the splitter.

Not a big deal and honestly I don’t think it’s an issue with the knob, I think it’s the game actually. I’m sure all the others, techaffliction, skrs, etc all exhibit the same behavior.

It comes with an arduino nano and if you wanted you could add a switch or 2 to the knob for the Jake brake and maybe PTT for discord or teamspeak. Just a thought there…

So I’m my opinion I give this shift knob a 9/10 score.

See ya on the roads…


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