It’s been a year?

Wow, it’s already been a few days over a year, I have been streaming… Started out on YouTube, and added Mixer and Twitch. Too many nasty trolls on Mixer so I dropped them, and once offered affiliate status with twitch, I quit live streaming to YouTube Gaming.

BUT, I think I will be going back to YouTube Gaming for Live Streaming as well as Twitch, and just drop the affiliate agreement. It’s been 6 months now, and I have not received a single payment from Twitch, even though I have met the required amount for a payment, $100.

Since we are talking about money and sponsorship’s, I started with Patreon, and they take quite a chunk of the money you pay on a monthly basis. So I have decided to use Paypal and create my own sponsorship “service”, so to speak. Visit if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

Yea, this means you won’t be able to use your Amazon Twitch Prime Free Sub on Bulletstorm65, but I only got $2.49 of that anyway, not that it’s about the money, because it isn’t! But the money allows me to do Giveaways, and gift games, and buy new games to create more and better content for the channel.

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